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You can install a new version over the old version without losing any of your settings (you may have to re-download some of your add-ons) Next open “Settings & Preferences” under the “Application” tab Now make sure that “create mymovies/xml copy for old version of Media Browser” is checked.

Now MCM will add a “movie.xml” and “mymovies.xml” metadata file for each movie or tv show in your library that can be read and used by Media Browser If you look in your media folders you will see that you now have both “movie.xml” and “mymovies.xml” metadata files. As a bonus should these programs change what is required in the future you will have both type of xml files already in your media folders.

After doing some research, we managed to fix the problem, but had to try a couple of different things before it finally worked.MCM now knows exactly what movie you were trying to add and will fetch the information for you. For a large library of a few hundred movies fetching all the artwork and metadata can take . Just leave MCM running in the background and set it to auto update. I usually open MCM after every new movie that I add because I want to get the most recent information.Note that the new version of VLC erases resume points, those that let you jump to the last position of a media file, when you delete the list of recent items.Finally a new update for one of the most popular media players out there.

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You may use it to find out if you are running the latest version of VLC Media Player already, or if an update is available. is a bug fix and security hardening release for the most part, and replaces all previous versions of the stable channel of the browser.

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