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Qaran dating

A Qur’an that may be the world’s oldest made a splash in July, when carbon dating at the University of Oxford placed it at about 1,370 years old — the era of Muhammad.

Thomas says it's possible but he doubts it, citing "a big problem" around the earliest date range ascribed to the document.

it could date back to Mohammed’s childhood, or possibly even before his birth. Trouble with a capital “T.” That rhymes with “P” and that stands for, um, pissed Muslims.

(If you don’t get the reference, please remedy that grievous shortcoming immediately.)The probability that this date range is correct was placed at over 94%.

The fragments found in the Birmingham library, written on either goatskin or sheepskin, had mistakenly been bound into another copy of the Quran dating to the seventh century, part of a collection of around 3,000 Middle Eastern texts collected in Iraq in the 1920s.

There will likely be further tests, Thomas says, because a Quran confirmed as predating the Prophet Muhammad would set off "a radical revision of Islamic history.

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