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The stars will align, and your dreams will come true. But until then, we’re all stuck going through the motions, thinking about how we need to find a real grown-up job and settle down with someone who will make mom and dad happy during the holidays.

Movies and TV shows tell us these things work out, eventually. You’ll interview with one company that checks all your boxes.

These tendencies also affect married women who are powerful and successful.

They find themselves running their households like a business and treating their spouses like an employee, truly the kiss of death for romance.

However, an informational interview is innocent enough – you need to find out certain things about a person and you accomplish this by asking honest questions. Too often dating triggers insecurities, causing men and women to fall into the position of wanting to be wanted or liked. Dating as informational interviewing acknowledges that you can’t presume anything about a person – you need to get to know a person to figure out who he or she is.

The important point about dating as informational interviewing is that it keeps the focus on you – what are you looking for in a partner? Dating in this manner allows you to ask questions that are important to you, but you must take careful notice of the answers. Don’t overlook it just because you’re sexually attracted!

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In many respects, attending a job interview is like going on a first date.

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