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Javascript chat porn

(PIC) Holy mother of God, Allah and any other fantasy creature, that sh*t looks delicious as f*ck. If You Tube comments stink, and they do, then You Tube live stream chats are positively radioactive in their toxicity.Now, I’m only academically familiar with live porn cams, but isn’t this practically their entire business model?When you pay to have another person perform your twisted little fantasies, the end result is usually a loss of dignity on all sides.

So yes, You Tube chats need a remedy, but Google’s Super Chat idea is the worst possible solution to the problem. It’s a method to amplify the visibility of your chat message on a live stream by making it larger, giving it some color, and pinning it atop the chat window for a period of time. That’s right, in Google’s vision of the future, you get the special privilege of paying to be noticed. Better shake out a few shekels from your coin purse to make sure your fellow viewers note and appreciate your incisive wit.It is a way of expressing affection through a gift...That we should aspire to produce perfectly finished and presented food is a symbol of a willing and enjoyable participation in servicing others.Food porn often takes the form of food photography and styling that presents food provocatively, in a similar way to glamour photography or pornographic photography.The term appears to have been coined by the feminist critic Rosalind Coward in her 1984 book Female Desire in which she writes: "Cooking food and presenting it beautifully is an act of servitude.

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Google’s I/O update for paid chats is the introduction of the Super Chat API, which lets creators script events in the real world that are triggered by the purchase of a Super Chat.

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